...Bobcat Hunting...
Its our obsession, trust us!
Bobcat Hunts             
If you enjoy listening to a pack of hounds and dont mind walking through snow, we have the hunt for you.  The terrain right around our house offers some of the best bobcat hunting in the state of Wisconsin and we are willing to prove it.  We offer hunts through out the month of December with our hounds.  Success rates depend on many things.  Amount of snow and amount of fresh snow are two of the biggest factors that we run into.  We get many cats that tip the scales at over 30 pounds.

The hunt usually starts by waking up well before daylight and driving around to find tracks on area roads.  Then we let the dogs go and usually take off on foot to stay close to them.  Hunts can be long and hard or sometimes we get lucky and the dogs will tree them after only a short time.
We are also booking hunts for 2 other area guides that are also very well known in the bobcat community. 
This cat was treed in 2007 after a 20 minute run.  He tipped the scale at 38 pounds.
This cat was caught on the ground in 2007 after a 40 minute chase.
We treed this cat in 2007 after a 30 minute run.
We caught this cat on the ground after a 15 minute chase in 2007.
This cat was shot in the 2005 season.  It tipped the scales at 30 pounds even.  Todd Edingers dogs Lady and Katie started it and soon after my Blue and Joe's Babe and Amy were added.  Kal Edinger was then able to put the end to a great hunt with his trusty 12 gauge. 
These nice cats were taken by our hunters a few years back.  The one on the left was a 44 pound female and the one on the right was a 39 pound male!  L. to R.  Eric, Sally, and Randy.
I will soon have more pictures up but for now I hope you enjoy.  Also feel free to call or email us for rates or for more information.


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